Sometimes you look at a landscape and think: WOW!

That wow factor is what I try to capture in a landscape photo, and a nature photograph can accomplish that if presented effectively. It doesn't matter to me what it is about the image that gets a reaction, as long as it does. Everyone's sensibility for an image is different. To make an image that's a wow for everyone is very rare indeed.

Some dig a black and white photo with subtle tones. Some need a blast of impossible over-saturated colors to be impressed. It seems to me the trend is for images that exaggerate reality. People go to places they've seen on social media and are disappointed because photographers made the scene hyper-real. Photograpers are competitive. How do you take the same shot people have seen many times and impress them? Brighter colors? Extreme weather? Fake some part of the image?

I go to a place thousands of other photographers have been to and try to see it in a new way.

There are so many composite images out there and the average person has no idea it's fake. When I make a composite image I say so. People get so used to seeing the fake images that that's what they expect. Perhaps real life is just not good enough.

So where does photography end and art begin? I can't answer that. With Photoshop I can literally create anything; sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it can take hours. If you like it I've succeeded. For landscape photography if you think an image is cool and want to go there, great. If you can never make it there, but glad you saw what I saw, also great. If an image makes you value the planet and want to keep it as it is for future generations, I've accomplished something worthwhile.