Creating wide aspect ratio panoramic photos can be a challenge!

People seem to really like panoramic wall art, and the wide aspect ratio works especially well over a fireplace or above a sofa.

From this photographer's viewpoint it can be a challenge to come up with an interesting wide aspect ratio image, as there is often stuff in the way that you don't want in the composition. To get the wide finished photo I have to either crop a single 3 to 4 aspect ratio image, cutting out sky and/or foreground, or take several side-by-side images then hope they can be stiched together accurately with Photoshop. The latter option is better if it works as it gives more pixels, and therefore more detail for a large print.

The downside of creating that type of panoramic image is that sometimes the software just can't do it, or image quality is lost in the processing. One frustrating situation is when part of the multiple side-by-side image is changing as the separate images can't all be captured at the same moment. For example, I have some great shots of the ocean with dramatic sky above that can't be combined into a panorama because of waves in different positions. The horizon will match up edge to edge, as should slow moving clouds, but the waves are constantly changing and will never match.

Challenges aside, below are some panoramic shots that worked!